Dollar Signs


Charlotte, NC

You wake up in the morning for work only to find you have a flat tire. You run to the bus stop to see the bus pulling away. Frantically running after it, the driver sees you and stops short. You smack right into the back and tumble into the soaked cement. Arriving at work ten min late, you boss informs you that this is the third time this week and you look like garbage. Since you didn’t have breakfast, you take the now cold egg and cheese to the bathroom stall and weep. While in there you find others doing the same. You become the greatest friends in the world and don’t feel like the only one in the world eating a sandwich in the bathroom. The soundtrack to their life is called Dollar Signs from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dollar Signs sonically resonates of Bomb The Music Industry & Neutral Milk Hotel. “I Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up”, off of the 2015 release “Yikes”, has been praised on the internet as an anthem for everyone who has ever second guessed themselves for a chance at love. 2017 brought “Life If Ruff”, a five-song EP that could severe music for Pete & Pete. Dollar Signs shows no stop of stopping but they will probably take some naps.